is a professional management agency, which engages in sport management, professional athlete’s career management, transfers and sport marketing. Realizing this objectives during several years we have measurable effects and stabile position of the BMG-SPORT mark.

Our offer is design for:
-    athletes and coaches
-    sport clubs
-    firms and institutions (not only sport line)

-    conference and training organisers

Athletes and coaches

On this field we specialize at professional management of athlete’s and coach’s career. We negotiate contracts, execute transfers to the polish and foreign clubs, gain sponsors. We care about progress in sport career, including every important elements: skills, previous experience, personality, interest etc. Management basing on such detailed analysis let us to make professional sport-marketing programs, which we can realize, helping our athletes and coaches to reach a sport world class. Besides we secure our athletes and coaches law and medical protection. We offer an insurance, investment advice, designing and management of the web sites. For the coaches we offer a practice in foreign clubs and a special computer program to analyze the game.

Sport clubs

For the club partners we offer executing transfers of the athletes, organizing sport camps and the games with foreign clubs. We offer an evaluations of the previous marketing actions and designing a new marketing plan which can help to promote the club. Based on detailed analysis we can show possible solutions to make the mark stronger. We propose also support in gaining sponsors, mediating in sale of the stadium effigy (e.g. Allianz Arena), designing and elaborating of the club’s publications. Besides we offer to execute special medical explorations for athletes and a special computer program to analyze the game. For the coaches we offer also a practice in foreign clubs.

Firms and institutions

For our business partners we offer a (firm, city, commune) mark promotion across the sport on the best level. We design innovation marketing strategies, giving our partners a possibility to profit from the effigy of the sport stars. We propose a mark promotion with the best athletes in Poland, members of national team and champions. This promotion can be realize for example by placing a firm logo on the sport clothes and equipment and by assist of the athletes in advertisement campaigns and promotion events. For such destination we also design and elaborate some publications. For the firms and institutions we plan a technical promotion plan, which is basing on partner’s needs, chances and activity profile. We adapt sort of marketing actions and advertisement’s object (sport discipline, athlete) to the business partner, giving a liberty in chose and configuration of the details. We always provide a media promotion for our operations giving a stronger information about mark. The newest search inform that now is the time form sport marketing and mark promotion across the sport. We specialize in such activity. Sport connects with positive emotions and it is a perfect instrument for a modern, original and effective marketing.

Conference and training organisers
We wish to share our experience and expertise during training, conferences and symposia. We can implement training programmes and lectures on sports marketing, sponsorship and club/people/organisation promotion. In our work we use specific examples; we may also involve our co-operating athletes.