Did you know that our agency:

We have represented so far 30 players of the Polish National Team and almost 100 members of youth teams.

Our work is based on a proprietary online scouting application, which strengthens us every day in the belief that one player is suitable and the other is not and will not be for a very long time.

We work on the basis of contacts developed over the years with the decision-makers in most of the clubs of the leading European leagues. We do not call the secretariats and do not talk to the club caretakers – even though we respect their work.

We visit  so many matches every weekend that on most stadiums we sing: “We play at home”.

Many times we organised players treatment and operations by the best specialists in medicine in Europe, thou we have never hit anyone (perhaps a pity).

We negotiate in Polish, English, German and Italian, which gives us a possibility to act freely and reliably without the necessity of using a picture letter or business-sign language.

We have in our ranks three former Polish-team representatives and 6 former Ekstraklasa players. They will share their experience, so that you could multiply your talent.

Never sued any player – we are still waiting, the law firm is burning to do that…

Employs an army of agents and scouts as well as a number of specialists in various fields, only a hairdresser and a baker are missing.

Who trusted us: